The WhistleB whistleblowing service platform

The WhistleB whistleblowing service


WhistleB provides a user-friendly whistleblowing service platform that employees and external stakeholders can use to report suspected ethical and compliance-related misconduct. Whistleblowing cases are efficiently managed in the integrated Case management tool.

The service is delivered through data centres that run around the clock. Customer data is kept secure through encrypted communications, threat management and mitigation practices, including regular penetration testing. Data is stored within the EU.

The WhistleB service is scalable and flexible. WhistleB is committed to continuously developing the service platform in line with customer needs.

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The whistleblowing service

Everything you need for a trustworthy whistleblowing service

The communication channel

Communication channel

… allows the whistleblower to send a message and the organisation to follow up the message through a dialogue with the anonymous whistleblower.

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Receive messages about suspected wrongdoings directly from employees and other stakeholders – and respond with immediate action. 

The Communication channel, including the web-based landing page and questionnaire, can be customised so that you receive information that is vital to your organisation. You can set up separate communication channels for targeted groups such as suppliers and customers. Information on national legal data privacy restrictions is included in the relevant language version of the Communication channel.

A voice phone-based reporting channel can be integrated into the system if necessary. It can be made available on a per country basis.

The case management tool

Case management tool

… for receiving and replying to whistleblowing messages and for managing cases correctly. You receive an overall view of your cases in the system and…

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The Case management tool is easy to use and offers important features to facilitate reception, monitoring and managing of cases.

The tool allows for secure communication with anonymous whistleblowers as well as with external stakeholders. You will also benefit from inbuilt language support, on-line statistics and follow-up. It includes excellent support in defining your security settings such as multi-factor authentication and user authority management.

The WhistleB Case management tool enables you to adhere to legal requirements on whistleblowing in different national jurisdictions and is aligned with legislation for the correct handling of personal data.

WhistleB’s data security and legal compliance

WhistleB safeguards the anonymity of the whistleblower and protects customer data.

The whistleblowing service is ISO 27001 compliant, ensuring the highest possible data security and privacy. Additionally, the service conforms to national personal data protection regulations and laws.  It also complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the strictest such regulation in the world.

Expert-supported whistleblowing service

Implementation support: We support the entire implementation process to ensure an efficient, correct and positive roll-out of the whistleblowing service.

On-going customer support: Our service-minded customer support team is easily available, making sure that you get the support they need. Supplementary services include receiving and managing cases. Through our global network of experts, we can help you find the right competences to support with investigations.


How it works

The whistleblower reports a concern by going to the landing page and writing a report. The web-based Communication channel can be accessed from any device, including smartphones. The whistleblower can report anonymously or openly, in any language

The case manager receives an immediate notification by email and SMS, and logs in to the Case management tool to review the message and take action. Login is secure including multifactor authentication. Secure translation support is included.

Further dialogue between the case manager and the anonymous whistleblower is possible.  The whistleblower logs in to the landing page to read the reply from the Case manager. Data is encrypted during transmission and in storage. Our customers define which individual(s) should have access to which cases; only authorised case managers can decrypt and read the dialogue.

Investigation of cases is supported by advanced and easy-to-use investigation functionality including categorisation of cases, process status, notes, file upload, secure chat between authorised individuals or complete assignment of cases. Once an investigation has been completed the case is closed in compliance with data protection legislation, including GDPR.

Statistics and report generation provide an overview of current and historic data, status, alerts, performance indicators and in-depth analyses. The dashboard allows for individual settings and the report generator offers flexible presentation possibilities, including creating standard presentations to defined target groups.

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Sajan Parihar, Director, Microsoft Azure Platform, Microsoft

“We’re happy to welcome WhistleB’s solution to the growing Azure Marketplace ecosystem.”  WhistleB – Microsoft Azure » 

Kenneth Magnusson, Quality Manager, NIBE

The WhistleB Case management tool provides us with a user-friendly interface that enables dialogue with an anonymous whistleblower, secure translations and third party investigations. The service was efficiently implemented. WhistleB took the lead for the entire implementation process.”

Caroline Jakobsson, Head of Corporate Governance, Stena Group

WhistleB is an easy to use system, with relevant features that facilitate the monitoring of reported cases. It is easy to stay in touch with the whistleblower, who remains completely anonymous and we are notified by e-mail as soon as a new report or a follow up answer is received. With the professional guidance of the WhistleB team the system was very easy to implement.”

Johan Ek, Senior Legal Counsel, Swedfund

WhistleB has a thorough knowledge in the field of organizational whistleblowing, provides a global tool, that is easy to adapt, and has a service minded attitude.”

Håkan Zinders, Sustainability manager, Almi

Both for our management and for the owner the whistleblower system is a hygienic factor.”

Anna Annerås, Director, Ecolean

“ With a credible whistleblowing system we show that we care about our employees and how we conduct our business. WhistleB filled all our criteria as a supplier; they had thorough whistleblowing expertise and a system that creates confidence through a high level of safety and stylish design. WhistleB has been incredibly professional and service-oriented.”

Madeleine Jennefelt, Legal Counsel, Resurs Holding

We are very satisfied with the service that WhistleB offers. The interface is user-friendly and the system ensures anonymity and transparency. The implementation was carried out efficiently and we got valuable advice and assistance throughout the roll-out phase.”

Pehr Ohlsson, Head of Labour Relations, Axfood

WhistleB delivers good service and is attentive to any possible development needs of the system.”

Pehr Ohlsson, Head of Labour Relations, Axfood

WhistleB delivers good service and is attentive to any possible development needs of the system.”

Tuija Luukkanen, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Tornator

“The cooperation with WhistleB has been smooth and effortless. The whistleblowing system was implemented with a tight schedule. We have also opened a phone reporting hotline for one of our markets.”

Gunilla Hadders, Founder of WhistleB

“We have packaged our years of experience in the WhistleB off-the-shelf whistleblowing system, so our customers can enjoy a straightforward launch of a modern whistleblowing system.”

Biörn Riese, WhistleB Advistory Board

“The purpose of whistleblowing is to create a simple channel, reducing risks and increasing transparency. A whistleblowing system must be able to handle sensitive information and personal data in an accurate and credible way. This is why it is excellent that WhistleB’s whistleblower system is both ISO 27001 certified and GDPR reviewed.”

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